MarketingDirector.com agency was founded by John Hackwood in 2018. John is a qualified, international marketer who has started a successful lead generation business specializing in USA’s tree service niche. Previously, he worked as a marketing director for several banks and businesses in both the UK and Arabian Gulf countries.

John Hackwood, Founder pictured standing

John has chosen to apply his extensive able digital marketing experience to help U.S. tree firm owners. Clients profit wildly through unique methods of delivering low cost sales leads.

Through several ground-breaking strategies, John has been able to consistently prove a positive ROI to his clients. He does this by selecting only those online marketing techniques that work hardest for tree firms. John is ably supported by a small team of local marketing assistants. Each team member has received his training on MarketingDirector.com’s unique systems and methodologies.

MarketingDirector.com’s clients are some of the fastest growing tree service companies in United States. The team is helping them grow their customer base every month.

Why We Support U.S. Tree Service Firms

Our founder shares his thoughts:

Tree work is a job I would have loved to do had I not fallen into the comfortable numbness of financial services marketing. The industry has all the elements I prize; highly-skilled, independence, outdoor work and more than a whiff of danger.

Instead, I chose to work in the Middle East to escape my comfort zone. There, I met several U.S. servicemen who were considering their options once their time in the military came to an end. Some told me they were thinking of setting up their own tree service company. I began to wonder how I could help them succeed back home.

I’m no Dwayne Johnson ‘tough guy’ but I have always tried to stand up for ‘the little guy’. The U.S. tree industry is notable by having very few big players and a multitude of small operators with average crew size of 2. So there’s plenty of small companies with big hearts to help.

I like giving ambitious operators a fighting chance of becoming the next Bartlett or Davey Tree Experts. Or just help send their kids to a fine college.

Making the phone ring with a stream of hot sales prospects for employers and clients is the purest form of marketing I know. It’s difficult, addictive and takes a fair bit of learning to do moderately well. Lot like tree work.”

John Hackwood
MarketingDirector.com Agency