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9 Ways Our Job Lead Services Are Better
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Here at MarketingDirector.com, we help U.S. local tree service pros get more customers. Our tree service pros clients range from the newly-qualified arborist who has just set up a tree service business all the way to tree service businesses established for 15 years and more.

The tree care industry is highly competitive. We calculate that around 18,000 new local tree service businesses are set up each year. Unfortunately, a broadly equal number of tree companies cease trading, sell-up or plain fail every single year. With new entrants coming along all the time trying new marketing tactics, it is natural that your tree business will need help with its marketing from time to time.

We like to help smaller tree service companies with growing reputations and solid online reviews get the tree jobs they need to stay on top in their service area.

So if you run a commercial tree operation and are hungry for more tree work, look no further.

9 Ways Our Job Lead Services Are Better

Our aim is to deliver to clients a reliable stream of qualified live calls to help you grow your tree service business. Our lead generation service is special because of this unique combination of 9 powerful benefits:

1. Exclusivity:

We only deliver exclusive tree service leads; this means we don’t sell them to anyone else in your service area. We provide leads for tree services businesses across U.S. but only for one company per service area at a time.

2. Live Phone Calls:

We provide live telephone calls from people that need tree service pros like you. They want help right now with their trees. So our calls are sent straight to your business without intervention; they’re the hottest leads out there because they haven’t gone cold… at all. Speed of response to a sales query is crucial. A Survey by Hubspot says that 82% of consumers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a marketing or sales question about a service.

3. Higher Rate of Conversion To Sales:

Hot leads benefit your conversion rate (from phone call to paid work). Our clients convert our leads at an average rate of 48% (range: 35% to 80%). Your conversion rate depends on your customer service and selling skills.

4. Call-Answering Guidance:

We want you to succeed with our tree job leads. So we’ll offer help and training for your call-answering staff if they’re losing new business. We listen to all the calls because we’re really interested in ‘quality assurance’. This is why our leads work.

5. High Intent To Buy:

Our live calls are highly-qualified because our marketing only targets local property-owners with high intent for the tree service they need (as opposed to casual tyre-kickers).

6. Better Lead Quality:

Our system strips out calls from telemarketers and other nuisance callers to boost lead quality further. In addition, some prospects call more than once through our system but we don’t charge you for any repeat inquiries.

7. You’re In Control:

You are given access to our back office system so that you can:
                – listen to all call recordings
                – access our fast dispute service for any non-qualified calls that may slip through

8. Fast Refunds Policy:

We won’t keep you waiting for any valid refunds. Any credits to your account will be made same day, latest next working day.

9. Sole Focus on Tree Service Industry:

Tree service marketing is all that we do. We don’t do other home services leads, just tree trimming, tree removal and other tree-related services.

What Type of Tree Job Leads Do We Provide?

If you’ve ever been wondering how to find tree removal jobs, we can help you. These are all our lead categories we can deliver:

Tree Trimming Leads
Tree Pruning Leads

Cutting Leads (dependent on state)
Tree Removal Leads
Tree Services Leads
Emergency Tree Removal Leads
Emergency Tree Service Leads (optional)
Tree Transplantation Leads
Palm Tree Trimming Leads
Palm Tree Removal Leads
Arborist Services Leads
Stump Grinding Leads

The calls (leads) could be for single, small trees to work on or for multiple, large trees. The calls are mostly from residential customers with about 1 in 12 coming from commercial property-owners, HOA’s, apartment complex managers etc.

Why Good Quality Tree Leads Are Important

Three reasons:

1. Higher Immediate Income Growth – much better conversion rate from leads to sales

2. Lower Overheads – less time spent on the road giving estimates to ‘tyre-kickers’.

3. Much Higher Long Term Growth Prospects – Your aim is to create a large pool of happy customers through excellent work and customer service. After all, 93% of people are more likely to be repeat customers at companies with excellent customer service (again, Hubspot). And Americans happy with your service will tell around 12 others of their service experience (Amex study). That’s all great but how will you offer great value and a great service experience if you’re chasing your tail with lots of low quality leads? You won’t. High quality leads will grow the profitability of your tree business, faster.

Image reproduced courtesy of American Express – full infographic here: https://templatelab.com/american-express-study/

Tree Job Lead Pricing

$35 for each qualified call, exclusive to your business only (not resold)
No set-up fees, annual fees, admin fees, renewal fees, membership fees, contract. We don’t want to fleece your business; we want to grow it!

How Does MarketingDirector.com Generate Tree Leads?

To create the phone calls in volume, our team deploys the latest digital marketing tactics and choose specific mobile advertising channels. The campaigns are also augmented with advanced SEO techniques through owned digital properties.

We start small to build your trust with our services. Our starting point is well-informed because your campaigns benefit from hundreds of spilt tests and also from hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on creating leads for other tree firms.

We monitor your campaigns carefully and regularly to optimize the messaging and efficiency of your campaigns. The value offers and ads wording resonate differently in different cities. Therefore, each campaign ends up being tailored and maximized for each client. Our techniques provide our tree service clients with between 15 and 40 new customers every month.

I Want More Tree Jobs! Where Do I Sign Up?

Nowhere – no written contracts, remember. No contract leads.

We want to work with you for the next 20 years. We’ll move heaven and earth to grow your business. This will benefit both our businesses.

To get the ball rolling, just click on the big blue button below or above. Then complete the form and click submit and we’ll call you back the same day or early the next.

Thanks But I’ll Get My Own Tree Job Leads

Absolutely fine. We genuinely want you to succeed any which way. So, to improve your chances of winning a viable number of leads yourself, we have prepared some great workable tips for you to mull over. See the ‘Tree Service Marketing Ideas’ menu item at the top of this page.

John Hackwood

John Hackwood, Founder MarketingDirector.com Agency

John Hackwood helps tree service owners get 15-40 NEW customers per month. He is an expert at helping them get clients using proprietary methods and making things super simple to understand. He has been a marketing professional since 1988 and is using this considerable experience to help small businesses in the U.S. tree care sector.

If you’re interested in learning how John can help you grow your tree service business then click on blue button below.