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Written by John Hackwood on May 7th 2019
Before we decided on whether to provide marketing support for tree service businesses, we went back to basics and took a cold, hard look at the industry. It briefly crossed our mind that perhaps tree contractors could survive perfectly well without any marketing support....
Written by John Hackwood on June 3rd 2019
Marketing is fundamental to your tree service company
Marketing is particularly important in the tree service industry. The reasons for our conviction are founded in our own *SWOT analysis for the US tree services industry here
SWOT findings
To summarize from the earlier blog post on our unique SWOT, the US tree services sector is a lucrative $21bn market. It is also flourishing at a healthy growth rate of 6.7% every year over the last 5 years. Yet the main challenge is the sheer number of small tree service operators. In fact, there are more than 60 on average in......
Written by John Hackwood on June 7th 2019
digital marketing model for a tree service business
As discussed in our first blog post, tree service business owners face a stiff headwind when drumming up business locally. We’re familiar with the 6 main reasons why a proprietor in our industry faces difficulties in attracting a steady, reliable stream of customers.
But I don’t want to dwell on these 6 problems. Instead, I would like to propose a comprehensive solution....

Written by John Hackwood on October 28th 2019
lady arborist in training
Finding tree service customers is a challenge that many tree service owner-operators face, especially when they start up or want to increase the rate of business growth. 
Based on what we see in our industry, there are 7 common reasons why generating new business is an all-too common problem area. We shall tackle these 7 reasons first of all. Then, we will outline 6 choices tree service company owners have when implementing marketing and business development in their businesses. ....

Written by John Hackwood on November 25th 2019
Tree Service, Removal & Trimming searches over the last 3 years in USA
Some proper tree service marketing this winter can help to reduce the annual drop in business at this time of year. Get it right and you can buck the national trend of lower seasonal business and also set yourself up for a great 2020.
We look at Google Trends to see the annual search trend for tree service terms. We also share 22 tree service marketing tactics and suggest intelligent combinations for maximum effect.....

Written by John Hackwood on December 31st 2019
It’s so important to get the best possible start to your new tree business. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics report that of the 653,000 businesses started in March 2015, only 330,000 survived to March 2019. That's a success rate of 50% in 5 years. Winners and losers exist in the tree service industry too, at the same rate.  
According to IBISWorld’s report published in May 2019, there are currently 181,400 tree service businesses in operation across the USA. Couple this with the fact that...

Written by John Hackwood on April 2nd 2020
How Are Our Tree Service Clients Affected By COVID-19 - Survey Results
Tree service crews cannot work from home. Technology might exist one day to send a self-driving truck without crew to a customer’s property, attend to the problem tree via a robotic link, remove and chip all brush and then self-drive to the next job remotely. But such virtual tree work is not currently feasible. Tree work needs human intervention on site. If a tree service crew is not on site, they’re not earning....
Written by John Hackwood on May 28th 2020
US tree care firms and workers are leading the bounce-back in the home services sector of the US economy. MarketingDirector.com, a leading tree service marketing agency, announces the results of a new study. This reveals that more than four in every five (82%) US arborists and tree service owners say they are not being adversely affected by.... 
Written by John Hackwood on July 2nd 2020
Screengrab Of $450 million Tree Removal Bid News Story
This article examines the true size of the Business To Government market, specifically for tree service business owners. It outlines two viable B2G marketing strategies that owners can deploy in their business and shows them how to implement them. No-one is talking about the the second strategy advocated which is huge; it can also be a great way to 'dip a toe' in the B2G water. The benefits of being active in the B2G market are twofold for tree service owners; 1. to even out cash flow in a business that is highly seasonal in most parts of North America and 2. to take their business to the next level of growth.
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